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Small things, big difference 1

Last month I was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to West Nile region, Uganda to start up a research project. As with many of the projects I’m involved in, the project is based in an area far from the usual tourist track, hence I was privileged to get a glimpse of the ‘real’ […]

How drones save lives

In most circles of the population, drones, or (if we want to give them their official name) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are generally known for their use in military activities overseas, and hence are associated with war and destruction. Having recently been drawn into the world of drones through my work in tropical disease research, […]

Out of Malawi Part 2 1

Well, I’ve just a few more days left of my Malawian adventure, so I thought it was worth writing an update. Just to recap, I’m here in Malawi running a small study in which health workers (known as health surveillance assistants, or HSAs) are collecting information on people in their communities who have symptoms of […]

Out of Malawi 1

So, here I am sitting in a little guesthouse in Malawi (run by a very eccentric French man), five days into a three week trip, wondering how on earth this has become part of my job. I don’t believe this is the traditional career path of the majority of people who do a maths and […]